How Can SySys Help You?

Every financial services company has a staggering amount of information that it needs to communicate with clients. Much of it is deadline sensitive, whether it’s daily NAVs, monthly fact sheets, quarterly reports—or tactical responses to the day’s news.

Simply put, our goal at SySys is to enable our clients to handle their information requirements in a manner that is as smart, fast and cost-effective as possible.

SySys clients appreciate the way we’ve helped them solve a range of challenges and objectives, whether it’s fact sheet production, seamlessly updating content or reinforcing public awareness of their brand on the Internet.

Through years of studying the needs of financial services companies, we created a technology platform that is scalable, robust and cost effective. FundSys™ is completely customizable and can address a wide range of client needs that include:

  • Communicating targeted messages across a spectrum of different sales channels
  • Updating news or other content as frequently as the clientele demands, whether it’s hourly, daily, weekly or monthly
  • Publishing high-quality printed pieces, such as a fact sheets or newsletters, by automatically importing data, graphs and content from the web into their custom-designed templates

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Benefits of a FundSys powered site:
  • Creates new efficiencies through automation of processes
  • Enhances productivity
  • Reduces operating costs by bringing ongoing web content management in-house
  • Empowers general staff to manage website without special technology expertise or training
  • Leverages the knowledge of your most skilled workers
  • Improves client retention

Meet the SySys team

When it comes to asset management and the web, the SySys management team has been there since the beginning. Our focus on the financial services industry means we speak your language, understand your challenges and are constantly thinking of innovative solutions that allow you to work more effectively.

Our Leadership Team

Ben Hobgood


Chief Technology Officer Ben Hobgood developed SySys' website infrastructure and is the chief architect for our flagship product, FundSys.

Willi Taylor


As Chief Operating Officer Willi Taylor builds and manages the critical connection between clients' business needs and the daily operations of the company.

Kevin Smith

Senior Vice President, Business Strategy

Kevin Smith, Senior Vice President of Business Strategy, is responsible for managing SySys' overall business operations including strategic initiatives, assisting with client relationships and forging future business partnerships and opportunities.

Eric Osmann

Senior Developer

As a Senior Developer, Eric Osmann is an integral part in the development and support of the SySys back-end internal infrastructure and system applications. He is the architect of the data acquisition processes and ensures that all core components run smoothly on a daily basis.

Scott Cameron

Senior Developer

Scott has over 15 years experience developing data driven web applications in the financial industry as a Senior Developer, Team Lead and IT Manager.

Joe Lederman

Client Success Manager

Client Success Manager by day, and rock ‘n' roll drummer by night, Joe Lederman brings his precision, attention to detail, and synergistic spirit to the tech world.

Client List

These firms currently leverage or have leveraged SySys products and services since we started way back in 1997.

AQR Funds
Alleghany Funds
Allegiant Funds
Allegiant Asset Management
Aristata Funds
Aston Funds
Babson Funds
Berger Funds
Blue Chip Value Fund
Buffalo Funds
Benefits Core
Bridgeway Funds
Carillon Tower Advisors
Catalyst Capital Advisors
Chicago Capital Mgmt
China Fund Inc.
Closed End Fund Association
Denver Investment Advisors
Diamond Hill Capital Management

EDebt Management
Guidance Capital
Fuse Research Network
HSBC Global Asset Management
Hennessy Funds
IMEA Connect
Investment Trust Company
Kent Funds
Marsico Capital Management
Marsico Funds
Matthews International Capital Management
Matthews Asia Funds
Montgomery Asset Mgmt
Mutual Fund Investor's Center
National City
Pacific Advisor Funds
Paradigm Capital Mgmt
PNC Funds

PNC Capital Advisors
Philips, Hager & North
Pro Funds
Raymond James
RBC Global Asset Management (CA)
RBC Global Asset Management (US)
Russell Investments
Scout Investments
Summit Funds
Summit Investment Partners
Summit Commercial Mortgage
Securities Mgmt & Research
Tamarack Funds
Thornburg Funds
Voyageur Asset Management
William Blair Funds
Westcore Funds
Weitz Funds
...and more

Partners List

A partial list of firms SySys has worked with to provide solutions to our clients and partners

Alps Fund Services
Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH)
BNY Mellon
Boston Financial
DST Systems
DST Output
Ervin & Smith
Gemini Fund Services

Harborside Group
Investors Bank & Trust
JP Morgan
Leibowitz Communications
Matrix Fund Services
PNC Global Information Systems
Quasar Distributors
RiskMetrics Group

RR Donnelly
Sales Force
Smith Group Inc.
Standard & Poor's
State Street
Thompson Financial
UMB Fund Services
U.S. Bancorp Fund Services
Ultimus Fund Solutions
Weymouth Design

And what's with
the name SySys?

We pronounce it [cy-sus]

SySys is an acronym. It all started over a few beers in 1998 when we ran into trademark limitations with our previous company name Infoware. A late night conversation between founders meandered towards a recent Detroit Red Wings win over the Colorado Avalanche, and what devolved at the time into lots of heckling and good natured banter resulted in the new name that companies have trusted for 27 years.

SySys stands for "Skate, you shoot, you score". Yeah, we are hockey fans.

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Need more information? Send us a message and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have. Even if you’re simply looking for direction or help with a decision that doesn't involve SySys' products and services, we're happy to lend an ear and give some direction.

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Kevin Smith
+1 303.835.0004 ext. 301
Mon - Fri, 8:00-5:00 Mountain

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