Data Management

We eat, sleep & breathe data

Data management is the central component of any investment company website. In a highly competitive marketplace, you need tools that are sophisticated, flexible and compliant. SySys sets a high bar in all of these areas, and is constantly working to enhance the user experience.

Data Integrity

Data Integration


Open Access via API

Data Automation


Content Management

When markets are moving quickly, investors need to know what's happening and why: They like to be reminded that there is an active intelligence taking care of their assets.

SySys' content management tools are designed to make it as easy as possible for you to keep your website current, so clients will have a reason to visit frequently. FundSys™ includes pre-designed templates consistent with the site's look and feel. All you have to do is write a new article or commentary in a standard word processor interface. Then you identify where you want to upload it, and the new content appears instantly, professionally formatted and ready to read.

Dynamic Charting

Often, selecting the right graph or table is the most effective way to communicate key information about investments. That’s why we’ve built a robust charting capability into FundSys. Our charting tools access data from the FundSys database to dynamically render a wide variety of chart types in the style of your choice. This provides the flexibility to choose the best chart for every situation in your web site and print material without having to contact a graphic design resource for every request.

SySys has extensive experience with all major charting and graphic components including HighCharts/HighStock, Flot, D3, and others. Not only can you select a chart or graph style on the fly, you can customize them as well. Each chart is based on real-time data directly from your trusted data sources. Additionally, data can also be exported to drive charts for use in Microsoft Excel or other applications.

Fact Sheets

FundSys enables you to bring dramatic new efficiencies to the print production process. Consider the challenge of producing monthly or quarterly fact sheets for every fund in your complex. Traditionally, this was a time-consuming process, requiring a lot of cutting and pasting—with the potential for data entry errors.

InDesign Templates

The traditional fact sheet process, automated

When layout and color spaces are the most important requirement, we can automate the flow of data into predefined templates, reducing input error.

Direct to PDF

Cutting edge, fully managed by the client

We take the content straight from your FundSys backed site, and transform it directly into high resolution PDF files ready for distribution and printing. We can combine charts, articles, and content into rapid production, high-quality PDFs.

XML Data Feed
Data Extraction

With our powerful export utilities, get data where you need it

Once we have the data in FundSys, we can extract it to any medium or platform that needs to consume it. From iPad data feeds to board books, we have them covered. Reach out to us and find out how we can help automate your materials.

FundSys Technology

FundSys is a flexible SaaS platform that allows you to focus on marketing your products while not worrying about your technology.

SySys' enterprise class hosting solution employs a highly redundant architecture with geographically independent data centers to ensure SySys clients have a secure and reliable foundation to host their websites and various FundSys services. SySys partners with the world's best-in-class data center, providing the backbone that makes it possible for SySys to deliver reliable and worry-free web services and solutions.

To augment our industry standard uptime monitoring, SySys also monitors and manages fund pricing updates, SSL certificate and domain expirations and other key elements critical to a financial services firm, all backed by a responsive and experienced staff of system, network and security experts 24x7x365.

SySys Technology Benefits:

  • Flexible SaaS Platform
  • Private / Hybrid Cloud Based
  • Enterprise Wide Data Aggregation
  • API Integration
  • Data Management Portal
  • Relational Data Model
  • Bank Grade Security
  • Intrusion Detection System
  • High Availability Infrastructure
  • Data Feed Monitoring
  • Site Uptime Monitoring
  • Data Automation
  • Business Continuity
  • Disaster Recovery


At SySys, we take security seriously

Bank grade security should be a base line expectation of any financial services firm. Rest assured — SySys takes security to the next level and protects its clients' web presence with fully managed, best in class security services. Intrusion attempts are captured in real-time and block malicious activity before it becomes a problem.

SySys utilizes modern technology to analyze and categorizes threats by severity so that we can continually evolve our systems to protect against the ever increasing and sophisticated threats to your firm's cyber security.

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